The climate is changing globally and in Europe. There is a need to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions substantially to avoid the most adverse impacts of climate change. "EUROPEANS ARE READY TO HEAL (EARTH) is a eight months youth mobility project, including four youth groups with
total of 56 mobilities from four European countries: Iceland, Turkey, Spain and Malta supported by two group leaders from each country. Apart from an Advance Planning Visit (A1), the main activities in EARTH are two youth exchanges, taking part in Spain and Malta (A2 and A3) since the project
deals with two themes. A2 will take place in Spain in August 2018 where the theme will be to bring awareness to youngs about climate change and global warming and A3 will take place in Malta in September 2018 where the four youth groups will be involved in finding possible solutions for the global climate change with a special attention to reycling and renewable energy resources..

The effective partnership consists of four partners, who have a vast experience in European projects. The coordinator is a public upper secondary school in Iceland, which made the consortium with an education center in Spain, a NGO in Malta and a NGO in Turkey. All partners have experience in working with formal. in-formal and non-formal education. Age and gender balance will be secured in all the activities and all activities will be enriched with local and international figures.
The methodology of EARTH is a peer-to-peer educative approach. It focuses on creating an awareness towards climate change among young people in Europe through cultural exchange to enhance youth's motivation towards education and job creation. The project has been designed with the aim of increasing the knowledge on the reality of climate change in all its forms and the opportunities that it offers as contact between different people and cultures,in the direction of an
intercultural development of the participants, that will appear in an inner structure of the project's purpose, which is planned to have five main phases, forming the basis of A2 and A3. Planned activities include:
1. Start-up. (Advance Planning Visit).
2. Research and Surveys. (Interactive mapping phases).
3. ICT training and tool implementation. (Open Educational Resources).
4. Communication, promotion and dissemination.
5. Monitoring and final evaluation.
The main objectives of the EARTH project are:
• to raise awareness of interdependence of the quality between climate change, environment and the
quality of life through the adoption of behavioral changes for the protection of environment .
• to build self-confidence in young people to become decision makers and practioners in their own
lives .
• to bring disadvantaged young people into advantageous position in communities.
• to promote the use of ICT tools in order to ensure that young people can show their talent.
• to provide awareness of multilingualism and EU citizenship.

The main methodological frame of the project is based on the principle that all the activities and actions have been thought out and planned by young people for young people, in other words for their peers, where the four youth groups involved are both learners and teachers respectively, and where the real mutual understanding and knowledge sharing can take place and be experienced. These are activities inspired by their wish to change, to learn and to improve their lives and their local
communities. The planned impacts generated by the project "Europeans Are Ready To Heal" are many and varied, for the young participants, the partner educational institutions involved and the local and international communities reached. The young participants will improve their social, multicultural and practical
skills and will develop a greater knowledge of specific topics such as ICT, web based information, territorial mapping, digital marketing, project management and so on.
The main inspiration of the project is the determination of young people, who wants to create an awareness campaign at national and international level. Young people from four countries, Iceland, Turkey, Spain and Malta, who are environmentalist or are in any way interested in environmental fields will share their experiences with peers and discuss the impact of life in order to find a common ground with the focus on climate change in Europe. As a real added value, young participants will
acquire detailed information on the ICT sector through the development of one themed mobile application, described in A2 activities. Apart from the construction of one mobile app, EARTH involves creating videos, theatre play, quiz competition, guidelines in form of a digital handbook, workshops, TedTalks, debates, cultural exchange and sporting activities.

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